New Battle Maps for Tabletop Simulator

We’re working on a series of battle maps to add to the Workshop collection on Tabletop Simulator. This has been a passion project, as the maps that tend to be uploaded for use with Black Powder or even Bolt Action games seem to be a bit ‘clunky’.

It can make sense that some battle maps IRL can be a bit simplistic – as it cost real money and time to build the land and structure models for your latest tabletop.

But, the the virtual world of platforms like TTS, these restrictions are not there. You are only limited by your programming skills — to create models. But, much of what you might need is in existence on the platform, thanks to the handiwork of others… which we are grateful for.

We’ve created this latest map using existing resources already published on TTS. The only thing that we have done is to create a ‘mat’ for the tabletop. This top allows us to add a bit of variety to the terrain, and break it up with the appearance of fields.

We’re creating this mat in Adobe Illustrator and uploading them as jpg files. The scale is a bit approximate. But, the road with was set at 18px on the original are, so that it accommodated a unit in march column.

Once the mat was placed on the TTS table, the structures and vegetation was placed and lock in place to simulate the field borders, etc.

Check out this latest map version over on the TTS Workshop on Steam, and let us know what you think.

And if you use one of our maps for an upcoming battle, we’d love to publish an AAR!

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